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Alice Duncan

Alice Duncan,
an article that i read last April in the magazine of the Guardian, which is
a mother telling the story about her daughter. Alice was born on 11 June 1982. She grew up with two of her younger brothers and her parents. At the age of 17, Alice suffered a breakdown and developed bipolar disorder. Her behavior became so extreme that seriously effect people around her.She is either extremely happy or either extremely sad. Alice suffers despair, mania and attempts suicide. She can only stable her illness by medical treatments. In 2002, Alice recovered from the illness and studied art and photography on a foundation course in Banbury at Oxford and Cherwell Vally College, and then Fine Art Photography at The Glasgow School of Art. However, in 2004, couldn't stand the returning of depression, Alice took her life in Glasgow on 21 November, at the age of 22.
Within the article there are photos that she took when she studied photography. Reading her mother's description of her suffering from the illness while looking at the photos, I can feel Alice's emotion vividly presented in her works. The color of the photographs and the way she find the view and the quality of the photos give a tone of sadness to the images. And her works attract me. I am intrigued by the way she expressed her depression throughout her works.

A quote from Alice in the book "Alice Duncan":

"Response to Cynicism
Some work comes from sadness
Other springs from joy.
Angst, also, can produce the heartbreak blow

Needed to create

Sometimes the best way is to sit on a cold bench
and watch the rain fall.
And so it makes me wonder, now and again,
How anyone can be cynical
Of emotions as pure as these."

(These images Alice took are scars at her back, the injuries are made when she throw herself from the roof of her house.)


Blogger Alimonster said...

I went to school with Alice. She was beautiful person, who had to deal with so much. I miss her.

27/7/07 10:28 am  

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